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Spray Tanning

A spray tan is the best way to get the sun kissed look without the harmful effects of the sun in under 15 minutes. We use the professional tanning system and solutions by SunFx. Solutions are all natural- infused with botanicals: organic aloe vera, organic green tea & natural coconut. Hypoallergenic, free from alcohols, Parabens, preservatives, fragrances, 100% vegan, and cruelty free. Our spray tan will leave your skin glowing & hydrated. 

Our airbrush spray tans are given by an actual person-no booths. 

Solution Options: Natural Glow 12% DHA, Dark 15% DHA, Ultra Dark 20% DHA (extra $5)

Spray Tan

Single $35

Here is how to get the most out of your spray tan:

-Exfoliate, shave, wax before your tan

-Wear dark loose fitting clothing (A flowy dress is best)  I suggest bringing an old pillowcase to sit on in the car to prevent rub off onto seats

-No lotions, deodorants, or make up during tan

-During the spray tan females may wear bathing suit, old bra & panties, or go nude-Males must wear a speedo type garment or boxer shorts/briefs 

The solution must stay on for 5-8 hours or you may sleep in it. Do not get wet for at least 2 hours. Your first shower will be rinse only-no soap or wash cloth. You may see your tan rinse off in the first shower (it's just the bronzer) the actual tanning ingredient is clear. Your tan will develop over the next several hours. It is recommended to get your spray tan 2 days before any special event. 

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